I Bouledogue Francesi dell'Oldoinyo Lengai - French Bulldog dell'Oldoinyo Lengai Kennel

Bouledogue dell'Oldoinyo Lengai Italia

My name is Valerio and, since 1993, I have dedicated myself to this intriguing and unfortunately little known breed (at least in Italy). This site intends to make you better acquainted with this breed which should be taken in consideration when choosing a puppy to introduce into the family, due to its intelligence, devotion to the master, great patience and ability to play with kids, even very young ones. The French bulldog personality will fill your life with fun and joy.

After my first French bulldog, called Pako, we got Sissy, then Lux, Firslady, Abilé, and so on….This is how I got started in breeding the French bulldog try to give the kennel a good health foundation beside a good basis for character and morphology.

Our bulldogs are raised in a family with special attention to the different stages of growth: The maternal imprint as well as the one of the breeder are very important for the mental development of the puppy.

The health aspect of the kennel does not just include vaccination and worming but it requires special criteria to eliminate genetic and hereditary defects, typical of this breed. As you know, each breed has specific problems and genetic weaknesses and it is up to the honest breeder to spot them and correct them. It is my duty, as a breeder, to make sure that dogs for reproduction have no malformations nor genetic faults. In fact bitches and stallions are rigorously free of heart problems, eye problems, allergies, and others.

Therefore, the puppies leave the kennel after being wormed, tattooed (or microchip marked), vaccinated and having gone through a visit at the cardiologist’s. This gives me the opportunity to thanks dr. Paolo Ferrari, dr. Gino Pinotti and their team for the continuous and active cooperation. It is also thanks to them that our kennel is free from great genetic problems. Please feel free to visit their site ….www.veterinary.it

This fantastic breed has really excited and fascinated me. After my experience during these years, I can state that the French bulldog can be a good watchdog – provided you give him your living room as a bed – is clean and discreet in the house, requires limited space and is affectionate and playful with all the members of the family, especially with small children. Do not hesitate to choose one as a companion and playmate, especially for your kids...

...enjoy your visit...